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Click to download our membership brochure (PDF).

Click to download our membership brochure (PDF).

The Rotary Club of Wilsonville is comprised of professional people (working or retired) of good character and strong integrity, who are interested in serving the community and enjoying fellowship together. We are always looking for more people just like us. If you fit this basic description, we would love to meet you.

Guests are always welcome at our weekly meetings, whether or not you have an interest in joining the club. These meetings are held at noon Thursdays at the Al Kader Shrine Center, 25100 S.W. Parkway Ave., Wilsonville, OR 97070.  There is always an interesting guest speaker scheduled, as well as a delicious lunch served ($12 per person; free to first-time guests only). You can also peruse this website to learn more about our club, or contact President Kyle Bunch.

Membership to the Rotary Club of Wilsonville is by invitation only. From time to time, we make this invitation to people we have met and gotten to know. To learn more about the membership process, contact any club member, or send an email expressing your interest to Membership Director Brad Settlemyer.

You can reach Brad or Kyle through the contact form.

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To download our membership brochure, click here.

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