Wilsonville Citizens of the Year award 1983–1994

The Rotary Club of Wilsonville awarded the first Citizen of the Year award in 1983. The award was given annually until 1994, and was inactive from 1995–2000. The award was reactivated in 2001 and renamed Wilsonville First Citizen. Below is a list of the individuals who received the Citizen of the Year award from 1983–1994. All recipients of the Citizen of the Year or First Citizen awards are honored on a special plaque located in the Wilsonville Rotary Rose Garden in Town Center Park.

  • 1983 — Frank Lockyear — Charter member of Wilsonville Lions and founder of ReTree International.Helped plant millions of trees all over the world.
  • 1984 — William “Bill” Lowrie — Opened Lowries Food King in 1960. Charter member of the Wilsonville Lions. Beginning in 1976 served two terms as Wilsonville mayor.
  • 1985 — Don Wilson — Eighth grade teacher and coach at Wilsonville Primary School, beloved by his students and how he prepared them for high school.
  • 1986 — Emery and Alice Aden — Founders of the Wilsonville Historical Society. Emery was a charter member of the Lions Club and helped start the Boosters Club. Alice was beloved secretary at Wilsonville Primary for many years.
  • 1987 — Marian Wiedemann — Longtime member of the Wilsonville Planning Commission. Started Wilsonville Garden Club. Member of Frogpond Grange.
  • 1988 — Terry and Wayne Lowrie — Involved in nearly every volunteer effort in the city for more than 30 years. Volunteer firemen. As Jaycees, helped incorporate the city and build the city’s first library. Terry was President of Boones Ferry Days and a longtime cook for Outdoor School and the Fire Department. Wayne was a charter member and President of the Rotary Club of Wilsonville.
  • 1989 — John Ludlow — Former city councilor and mayor. Twice president of the Wilsonville Chamber of Commerce. Active Wilsonville Rotarian and past president.
  • 1990 — Walter Wehler — Involved in incorporation and served five years on Wilsonville City Council. Also served on the West Linn School Board. A founder and active in Boones Ferry Days. Active Wilsonville Rotarian for over 30 years.
  • 1991 — Sue Raxter — Longtime 4-H leader. Helped start and is very active in Wilsonville Sister City Association. Started Women of Wilsonville. Served as an officer of the Wilsonville Chamber of Commerce and active for many years.
  • 1992 — Weldon Sloan — Served with distinction on the initial Wilsonville Planning Commission. Past President and active member of the Wilsonville Lions Club.
  • 1993 — Mike and Sheila West — He coached youth sports and she was a school volunteer.
  • 1994 — Mike and Becky Nichols — Mike coached youth sports and Becky was head of the youth sports organization. She also helped start Wilsonville High School Booster Club.