First Citizen Finalist: Tim Knapp

Tim Knapp has given 30 years of service to the citizens of Wilsonville since moving to the city in 1986, even prior to serving as City Councilor from 2003-2008, and before his being elected mayor in 2009, and re-elected twice since that time, including recently in November 2016.  His vision for Wilsonville as a connected, supportive community for all its citizens and businesses has been an underlying theme throughout his government and personal work. Tim has worked hard to develop Wilsonville’s position as the most forward looking small city in Oregon. His work has helped Wilsonville to attract numerous high tech and highly regarded consumer companies to the City, while maintaining high ‘smart growth’ standards that ensure the community is environmentally friendly and an attractive place to live with open spaces and numerous parks. Starting in 1999, Tim and his wife Melodee envisioned, planned and constructed the Old Town Village Small Business Center, which houses 15 local businesses providing services to hundreds and hundreds of local families.

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