First Citizen Finalist: John Budiao

John Budiao is currently a Logistics and Readiness Officer with the U.S. Air Force, and the CEO of Military Coach, where he provides motivational speaking and mentoring to future members of the military.

John has served in three branches of the military: Marines, Coast Guard, and Air Force. He is a leader and mentor for Wilsonville’s Troop 194’s 50+ Boy Scouts, always demonstrating how he truly cares about the boys and the community.  John received the Certificate of Merit from Boy Scouts, for pulling an unconscious woman from the ocean and performing CPR till paramedics arrived on scene. He also coaches Wilsonville Youth Football.

John has been referred to by those who know him as a “selfless servant” because he not only serves his local community, but also his country.  John’s friends and family feel strongly that he is one of the best dads and husbands in the community, even in the face of a military deployment coming in June of 2017.

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